Fabric Menu Holders

When guest steps into your restaurant, it's the little things that catch their eye and linger in their memory. This is precisely why Inkohoreca has created a collection of fabric menu holders that start conversations and tell your restaurant's story.


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What we offer?

Fabric Menu Holders

Just imagine: your guests are greeted with warmth, led to their table, and presented with a menu encased in a beautifully crafted fabric holder. It's their first interaction with what your kitchen has to offer, and the impression is lasting. Our collection of fabric menu covers and other Horeca accessories does its best to keep this moment in your guests' memories. We use premium textiles, so that our holders can deal with the daily hustle of busy restaurants, cafés, and bars due to protection against stains and drink spills, the possibility to change sheets easily, and numerous color options to choose from. 

Fabric Menu Holders for Restaurants

Your restaurant's opportunity to dazzle and delight lies in every touchpoint, including how you present your menu, and our fabric menu holders are crafted just for this goal.

  • Take, for example, our linen imitation wine list menu holder (TM01A6). It's crafted from the finest textiles, is compatible with non-standard sheets, and offers customizable logo embossing. Worried about constantly changing your menu? Now you can quickly replace sheets to both standard and unique-sized menus. 
  • The linen imitation menu holder (TM01A4) from our collection is also crafted from premium textile. The option for personalization allows you to imprint your restaurant's identity directly onto the fabric and enhance your brand's image. These holders also accommodate both US letters and A4 sheets. 

Both these fabric menu holders are ready to give your guests an unforgettable first impression, one that starts the moment they sit down and are handed the menu. 

Why Choose Us?

Here’s why you should choose Inkohoreca's fabric menu holders and other incredible products:

  • Our discerning design sense and the use of authentic natural materials means that the menu holder you choose will enhance the aesthetic of your space. 
  • A quick turnaround time of just 5–7 days allows your guests to notice the difference as soon as possible.
  • We use only natural textiles to prove that durability and design can go hand in hand. 
  • We offer competitive prices for first-class products and services.
  • Our Horeca products are kind to the environment and built to last.
  • We offer discounts of up to 30% on bulk orders, so you can upscale without overspending.
  • We also guarantee a 30-day return policy, so that you can shop risk-free and worry-free.
  • Each product we create, even a table stand, can be customized as you wish.

Our fabric menu covers are a declaration of your restaurant’s identity as they say, “We care for every detail.”