Leather Hardcover Menu Holders

Leather Hardcover Menu Holders

Leather Hardcover Menu Holders. Protection against spills and stains. Engraving personalization. Durable and long lasting material. Best Craftsmanship. Wholesale Discounts. Worldwide Fast Shipping.


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Elevate your presentation with our leather menu board featuring a sleek clip.Impress guests with our leather menu board, designed for a refined dining experience.
Sophisticated Leather Menu Clipboard, adding a touch of class to your menu presentation with its timeless design.Versatile Menu Cover with Corner Mountings, ensuring flexibility and durability for your menu display needs.
Our cocktail menu cover with logo embossing offers a sophisticated and personalized way to showcase your drinks.Keep your drink menus safe with our hard cover menu holder, featuring corner mounting for a polished look.
Showcase your menu with our hard cover holder, featuring corner mounting for a refined and sturdy presentation.Our hard cover menu holder with corner mounting combines durability and style for an upscale dining experience.
Showcase your drinks with our hard cover menu holder, featuring corner mounting for a secure and stylish presentation.Our drink menu card folder adds a touch of class, perfect for presenting your beverages elegantly.
Two-Layer Leather Menu Folder A4: Stylish and durable organization solution.Embossed Leather Menu Holder: Adds sophistication to your menu presentation.
Leather menu holder with an elastic band, bent to show the wine list page, featuring logo embossing on the coverHard cover menu folder with a half-open elastic band, displaying a wine list, and an embossed logo on the leather
PU Leather Menu Cover: Crafted with PU leather for a sleek and professional look, adding a touch of elegance to your menu presentation.Logo Embossed Menu Sleeve Folder: Elevate your brand with a logo embossed menu sleeve folder, showcasing your restaurant's identity with sophistication.
Timeless Restaurant Menu Folder, providing a classic and professional display for your menu options, evoking a sense of tradition and excellence, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience."Exquisite Faux Leather Menu Cover with Logo Embossing, exuding luxury and refinement, setting the standard for elegance in menu presentation.
Sturdy Menu Folder with Fixing by Screws and Plank, offering durability and reliability, ensuring menus stay in place and pristine, providing a professional and organized dining experience for patrons.Custom Menu Folio, tailored to your restaurant's theme and vibe, creating a cohesive dining atmosphere for your guests to enjoy, reflecting the unique personality of your establishment.

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Present your menus confidently with our hard cover holder, featuring secure corner mounting.Showcase your offerings elegantly with our hard cover menu holder, complete with corner mounting for stability.
Elevate your restaurant’s menu with our hardcover holder, perfect for a polished presentation of menu pages.Our leather menu holder accommodates changeable sheets, ensuring your menu stays fresh and updated.
Our menu hardcover for changeable sheets offers a sophisticated solution for dynamic menu presentations.Impress guests with our customized menu folder, designed to reflect your unique brand identity.
Our hardcover menu card holder offers a sophisticated and durable solution for presenting your restaurant’s menu.Easily update your offerings with our holder for changeable sheets, ensuring your menu stays current.
Elevate your drink offerings with our hardcover drink menu cover, designed for a refined presentation.Impress patrons with our leather menu folder, complete with logo embossing for a personalized touch.
Custom Charm: Display your drink menu with a personalized cover, designed to fit letter-sized sheets and enhance your restaurant’s ambiance.Elegant Hold: Keep your letter-sized drink menus secure and stylish with our personalized menu cover, tailored for professional use.
Sophisticated Style: Present your dinner menu on our elegant leather menu board, designed to fit legal-sized sheets perfectly.Premium Quality: Our leather dinner menu holder adds a touch of luxury, perfect for showcasing your restaurant’s finest offerings.
Custom Elegance: Showcase your unique style with our personalized menu cover, perfect for presenting your letter-sized drink menus with flair.Professional Presentation: Elevate your restaurant’s image with our personalized menu covers, designed to hold letter-sized menus securely.
Sleek Leather Menu Clipboard, offering a sophisticated display for your menu items.Functional Menu Cover with Corner Mountings, ensuring stability and ease of use for your menu display.
Premium Leather Restaurant Menu Folder, exuding elegance and quality in every detail.Branded Menu Board with Logo Embossing, ensuring brand recognition with every glance.
Luxurious Leather Restaurant Menu Folder, exuding elegance and sophistication, elevating the dining ambiance with its refined presentation and timeless design.Unique Menu Board with Logo Embossing, capturing attention with its branded touch, reflecting the identity of your restaurant and setting a distinguished tone.
Secure Wine List Folder: Elegant organization for your wine offerings.Embossed Menu Holder: Adds a touch of sophistication to menus.
Versatile Restaurant Menu Folder, accommodating various menu formats, ensuring flexibility and ease for both staff and patrons.Stylish Faux Leather Menu Cover with Logo Embossing, embodying elegance and professionalism, making a lasting impression on diners.
Faux Leather Menu Folder (FM01A7) Sale priceFrom €18,95
Our leather menu clipboard features chic corner fixings and a black-colored back for a sophisticated touch.Impress with our leather clipboard, marrying classic corner fixings with a sleek black backing.