Meet The Founder

I'm Victor Fekete, the visionary behind Inkohoreca. With a deep passion for creativity and innovation, I founded Inkohoreca. Our brand specializes in crafting detailed custom accessories tailored specifically for the hospitality industry. Our journey began in 2012, and since then, we've dedicated ourselves to delivering outstanding customer experience to our clients in over 45 countries.
Welcome to our world of unique hospitality solutions!

Our Motto:

Quality product is a guarantee of trust and success.

Our journey began with designing and printing paper menus and check presenters.

Over time, our team's capabilities expanded, and our customers played a significant role in driving our growth. Their feedback and demands led us to explore new horizons, particularly in crafting wood and leather products.

In the early stages, we sourced pre-cut and engraved plywood from our trusted partners, taking on the responsibilities of painting and assembly. As our expertise grew, we realized the potential of becoming self-sufficient. We invested in the necessary equipment, a pivotal step towards complete independence.

This newfound autonomy unlocked our creativity and allowed us to diversify our product range. With each iteration, our products improved in quality, and our manufacturing processes became more streamlined, significantly reducing production time. It's a testament to our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.