Customized Menu Folder: Tailored to match your restaurant's theme and branding.

Wooden Menu Holders

In the competitive landscape of the restaurant industry, every detail counts. From the ambiance to the menu presentation, each aspect contributes to the overall dining experience. When it comes to menu presentation, opting for wooden menu folders can elevate your restaurant's aesthetic and leave a lasting impression on your patrons.


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Wooden Menu Folder on Leather Strap: Adds rustic charm and convenience to your menu display.Engraved Menu Holder: Elevate your presentation with personalized detailing.
Wooden Menu Board with A5 Leather Cover: Classic elegance for smaller menus, adding sophistication.Embossed Menu Cover: Elevate presentation with personalized touches that impress.
Wooden Menu Board with Leather Cover: Elegant and durable for wine list presentation.Embossed Leather Menu Cover: Adds sophistication to your menu display.
Wine List Restaurant Menu Holder: Showcases your wine selection with elegance.Menu Holder: Keeps menus organized and accessible for diners' convenience.
Wooden Menu Holder with Ring Binder: A blend of elegance and functionality for easy menu updates.Engraved Menu Holder: Elevate presentation with personalized engraving for a unique touch.
Whiskey List Folder: Perfect for highlighting your whiskey offerings in style.Unique Menu Book Cover: Sets your menu apart with distinctive customization.
Wooden Menu Board with Logo Engraving: Add sophistication with personalized branding.Personalized Menu Holder: Reflect your style with customized designs.
Wooden Menu Board with Leather Cover: Combines durability and elegance for menu presentation.Embossed Leather Menu Cover: Adds a sophisticated touch to your restaurant's menus.
Our hardcover holder allows for easy sheet changes, ensuring your menu stays fresh and up-to-date.Elevate your presentation with our engraved wooden menu holder, adding rustic charm to your establishment.
Ring Binder Menu Holder: Organize menus effortlessly with a convenient ring binder mechanism.Engraved Menu Holder: Add a touch of elegance with personalized engraving on your menu holder.
Curved Cover Menu Folder: Sleek design adds modern elegance to your menu presentation.Versatile Menu Holder: Organize menus with style and ease for efficient service.
Wooden Menu Board with Leather Cover for A4 Sheets: Classic and practical, adds a touch of elegance.Embossed Menu Cover: Elevate your menu presentation with personalized detailing.
Landscape Menu Folder: Stylish and secure with a leather strap fastening.Engraved Wooden Menu Cover: Adds elegance and personalization to your menu.
Versatile Menu Holder for Changeable Sheets: Effortlessly update your offerings with this adaptable solution.Engraved Wooden Menu Holder: Infuse rustic charm with personalized detailing on each menu.
Leather-fastened Wooden Wine List Folder: Offers a rustic charm for showcasing your wine selection.Personalized Menu Holder: Add a unique touch with custom details tailored to your restaurant.
Wooden Whiskey Menu Folder: Adds rustic charm to showcasing your whiskey selection.Engraved Menu Holder: Elevate presentation with personalized detailing.
Wooden Menu Folder for Changeable Sheets: Versatile and practical for updating menus effortlessly.Custom Restaurant Menu Holder Logo: Showcase your brand with a personalized touch on every menu.
Dark Menu Cover made of Veenered HDFDark Menu Cover made of Veenered HDF
Veneered HDF Menu Board: Elegant and durable for showcasing menus.Sturdy Menu Holder: Ensures longevity in menu presentation.
Wooden Menu Board with Elastic Band Fixing: Secure and stylish presentation for your menus.Engraved Menu Holder: Adds a personalized touch to your menu display.
Our hardcover menu binder allows for seamless sheet changes, ensuring your menu is always up-to-date. Elevate your presentation with our engraved wooden menu holder, adding rustic charm to your restaurant.
Clipboard with Binder: Keep menus organized and secure with this practical yet stylish optionPersonalized Menu Board: Showcase your restaurant's identity with custom branding and detailing.
HDF Menu Cover: Sleek and durable for elegant menu presentation.Logo Engraved Menu Holder: Elevate branding with sophistication.
HDF Menu Folder: Sleek and durable presentation for menus.Logo Engraved Menu Holder: Add branding with sophistication.

What we offer?

Wooden Menu Board with Leather Strap: Provides a rustic yet refined display option.

Why Would You Choose a Wooden Menu Folder?

Wooden menu holders exude a timeless charm, adding a rustic yet refined element to your dining establishment. Wood's natural grains and textures offer a warm and inviting feel, enhancing the overall dining experience for your patrons. Unlike traditional paper or plastic menu holders, wooden folders are built to last. Constructed from high-quality wood materials, they withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring long-term durability and investment value for your restaurant.

Made to order, our wooden menu folders allow you to personalize every detail to align with your restaurant's branding and aesthetic preferences. From comparing and choosing the type of wood to selecting custom engraving or embossing options, the possibilities for customization are endless.

Ring Binder Mechanism Menu Holder: Offers ease of use with a practical binder system for menu updates.

Types of the Wooden Menu Folder

Each type of menu folder offers its unique aesthetic and functionality, allowing restaurant owners to choose the option that best complements their brand identity and enhances the dining experience for their customers. You always can compare and choose the ideal one.

At Inkohoreca Company, we take pride in making premium wooden folders for inserting menus that exceed expectations. With attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we strive to provide the perfect solution for your restaurant.

When it comes to wooden folders for your company to insert menus, there are various types available to suit Inkohoreca's different aesthetic preferences, materials, and functional needs:

  • fastened on a Leather Strap;
  • Board with Leather Cover Fastened by Screws;
  • Board with Crazy Horse Leather Cover;
  • item with Ring Binder
  • Mechanism, Elastic Band;
  • List Holder fastened on Leather Strap;
  • Order Menu with Leather Handle;
  • Hardcover Holder with Ring Binder Mechanism, Elastic Band;
  • Whiskey List Holder;
  • Landscape Oriented Menu Holder Fastened by Screws;
  • Menu suitable for Half Letter or A5 Sheets etc.