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Hey there, and welcome to Inkohoreca! We know just how important every little detail is when it comes to creating the perfect dining experience. From the atmosphere to how your basic menu looks, it all adds up to something special. That's why we're thrilled to offer you a wide range of table menu holders that are sure to impress. Whether you run a busy restaurant, a quaint dessert café, or a classy drink bar, our menu holders are designed to blend seamlessly with your vibe. They're not just practical; they're stylish too, adding that extra touch of personality to your place. 


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Wooden Menu Folder on Leather Strap: Adds rustic charm and convenience to your menu display.Engraved Menu Holder: Elevate your presentation with personalized detailing.
Wooden Menu Board with A5 Leather Cover: Classic elegance for smaller menus, adding sophistication.Embossed Menu Cover: Elevate presentation with personalized touches that impress.
Wooden Menu Board with Leather Cover: Elegant and durable for wine list presentation.Embossed Leather Menu Cover: Adds sophistication to your menu display.
Wine List Restaurant Menu Holder: Showcases your wine selection with elegance.Menu Holder: Keeps menus organized and accessible for diners' convenience.
Elevate your menu display with our leather clipboard, crafted for timeless style and practicality.Impress with our handcrafted menu featuring logo embossing, adding a unique touch to your presentation.
Premium Leather Menu Binder for A4 sheets, offering durability and style in one package, is the perfect choice for upscale dining establishments.Sleek Leather Menu Binder for A4 sheets, ensuring a professional look for your menus, complements the refined ambiance of your restaurant perfectly.
Wooden Menu Holder with Ring Binder: A blend of elegance and functionality for easy menu updates.Engraved Menu Holder: Elevate presentation with personalized engraving for a unique touch.
Elevate your presentation with our leather menu board featuring a sleek clip.Impress guests with our leather menu board, designed for a refined dining experience.
Sophisticated Leather Menu Clipboard, adding a touch of class to your menu presentation with its timeless design.Versatile Menu Cover with Corner Mountings, ensuring flexibility and durability for your menu display needs.
Whiskey List Folder: Perfect for highlighting your whiskey offerings in style.Unique Menu Book Cover: Sets your menu apart with distinctive customization.
Our cocktail menu cover with logo embossing offers a sophisticated and personalized way to showcase your drinks.Keep your drink menus safe with our hard cover menu holder, featuring corner mounting for a polished look.
Showcase your menu with our hard cover holder, featuring corner mounting for a refined and sturdy presentation.Our hard cover menu holder with corner mounting combines durability and style for an upscale dining experience.
Elevate your dining experience with our classic leather menu holder, perfect for restaurants and cafes.Impress guests with our leather menu cover, combining timeless style with practical functionality.
Showcase your drinks with our hard cover menu holder, featuring corner mounting for a secure and stylish presentation.Our drink menu card folder adds a touch of class, perfect for presenting your beverages elegantly.
Our hardcover holder allows for easy sheet changes, ensuring your menu stays fresh and up-to-date.Elevate your presentation with our engraved wooden menu holder, adding rustic charm to your establishment.
Wooden Menu Board with Logo Engraving: Add sophistication with personalized branding.Personalized Menu Holder: Reflect your style with customized designs.
Wooden Menu Board with Leather Cover: Combines durability and elegance for menu presentation.Embossed Leather Menu Cover: Adds a sophisticated touch to your restaurant's menus.
Ring Binder Menu Holder: Organize menus effortlessly with a convenient ring binder mechanism.Engraved Menu Holder: Add a touch of elegance with personalized engraving on your menu holder.
Two-Layer Leather Menu Folder A4: Stylish and durable organization solution.Embossed Leather Menu Holder: Adds sophistication to your menu presentation.
Wooden Menu Board with Leather Cover for A4 Sheets: Classic and practical, adds a touch of elegance.Embossed Menu Cover: Elevate your menu presentation with personalized detailing.
Curved Cover Menu Folder: Sleek design adds modern elegance to your menu presentation.Versatile Menu Holder: Organize menus with style and ease for efficient service.
Landscape Menu Folder: Stylish and secure with a leather strap fastening.Engraved Wooden Menu Cover: Adds elegance and personalization to your menu.
Custom fabric menu folder for restaurants and cafes with logo printing. Features changeable sheets, perfect for updating drink and wine menus effortlessly.Elegant restaurant menu holder with personalized logo, ideal for cafes and bars. Easily changeable sheets make it simple to update your drink and wine lists.
Fabric Menu Folder (TM03A5) Sale price€15,95
Versatile Menu Holder for Changeable Sheets: Effortlessly update your offerings with this adaptable solution.Engraved Wooden Menu Holder: Infuse rustic charm with personalized detailing on each menu.

What we offer?

Menu Holders for Restaurant

Here at Inkohoreca, we get it — presentation is everything, especially in the world of hospitality. That's why we've curated a diverse range of designer supplies that are crafted to take your restaurant's dining and drinking experience to the next level. Our products aren't just about functionality; they're about making a statement that resonates with the distinct personality of your establishment. We believe that every detail counts and our selection of holders is designed to serve their practical purpose and add a touch of style and flair to your dining space. So, whether you're aiming for a sleek and modern look or a rustic charm, we've got you covered with menu holders that speak volumes about your restaurant's identity.

Designs of menu holder

Each of our horeca products is compatible with A5 sheet/US half-letter menus, A4 sheets/US Letter and US Legal ensuring a snug fit for your menu cards. Personalize it with debossing to showcase your restaurant's logo or branding. Need to update your menu? No problem! Our holder allows for quick and effortless changes of sheets, keeping your menu fresh at all times. Equipped with screws and a brass ring binder, it's built to last, providing sturdy support and durability. Crafted from high-quality materials, our goods ensure long-lasting use.

Why not take a look at our range today? See for yourself how our menu holders can give your menus that extra touch of style and sophistication.

Wine List Holder: Elegant solution for showcasing your wine selection.

When you're thinking about food display holders, the design is key. At Inkohoreca, we're proud of our wide variety of designs. We've put a lot of care into making sure there's something for everyone, no matter what vibe you're going for.

Here you can find and buy:

  • hardcover models with screws and brass ring binder;
  • simple leather covers with ring binder mechanism;
  • basic leather and wooden covers;
  • stylish menu folders;

leather and wooden menu clipboards with corner fixings and other supplies.

Design of Menu Holders

We believe that a menu holder isn't just about looks; it's about making your customers' dining experience even better. Our collection includes a wide range of designs, each carefully crafted to suit different tastes and settings.

Whether you're running a sleek, modern restaurant with QR menus on the table or a cozy, vintage-inspired dessert cafe, we've got one that'll fit right in. We pay attention to every detail, from the materials we use to the finishing touches, to ensure that our horeca holders not only look great but also last a long time.

You'll find classic leather holders, elegant wooden stands, and even displays in our collection. And because we know every restaurant is unique, we offer customization options too. Want to add your logo or pick a specific color scheme? We've got you covered.

Obtain personalized menu holders that showcase your brand

Moreover, our team of designers is thrilled to create a customized menu design tailored precisely to your preferences and requirements. With our bespoke design service, you have the opportunity to customize your menu holders to perfectly align with your brand identity. Add your logo and QR, choose your preferred color scheme, or opt for unique embellishments — whatever it takes to make it uniquely yours. You'll be amazed by how swiftly and precisely we can deliver a unique project that perfectly aligns with your vision and ensures complete satisfaction.

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