Showcase your menus with our leather holder designed for legal-sized sheets.

Leather Menu Covers with sheets attached by Metal Binder

Creating an elegant atmosphere in your horeca space begins with the smallest of details. Imagine, if you will, a culinary narrative bound in the luxe clasp of leather and metal — a story told not just through delectable dishes but through the very vessel that heralds them. Leather menu covers with sheets attached by a metal binder from Inkohoreca's collection are your way to write this narrative.


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Elevate your menu display with our leather clipboard, crafted for timeless style and practicality.Impress with our handcrafted menu featuring logo embossing, adding a unique touch to your presentation.
Premium Leather Menu Binder for A4 sheets, offering durability and style in one package, is the perfect choice for upscale dining establishments.Sleek Leather Menu Binder for A4 sheets, ensuring a professional look for your menus, complements the refined ambiance of your restaurant perfectly.
Elevate your presentation with our leather menu board featuring a sleek clip.Impress guests with our leather menu board, designed for a refined dining experience.
Our leather menu holder with binder offers a sleek solution for showcasing your offerings.Elevate your presentation with our handcrafted leather clipboard, perfect for a sophisticated touch.
A5 Leather Menu with Ring Binder: Sleek and functional design for easy organization.Embossed Menu Holder: Adds sophistication with subtle texture and detail.
Elevate your restaurant's style with our personalized leather binder, featuring rings for easy menu updates.Impress guests with our custom menu holder, designed to reflect your unique brand identity.
Leather Menu Binder for A4 sheets, ensuring a sleek and organized presentation.Elegant Leather Menu Binder, designed for A4 sheets, adds sophistication to your menu presentation, ensuring a professional look and feel.
Basic Leather Menu Holder with Ring Binder Mechanism with Crazy Horse leather (LM01A5)Basic Leather Menu Holder with Ring Binder Mechanism with Crazy Horse leather (LM01A5)
Leather Cocktail Menu Board: Adds sophistication to your bar's drink offeringsLogo Embossed Menu Binder: Elevate brand presentation with personalized detailing.
Menu Clipboard with Leather Cover: Combines style and practicality for elegant menu presentation.Logo Embossed Menu Board: Add a personalized touch to your restaurant’s menus.
Elevate your presentation with our leather menu holder tailored for legal-sized sheets. Impress with our menu case folder, featuring logo embossing for a personalized touch.
Menu Clipboard with Leather Cover: Stylish and practical, perfect for showcasing daily specialsLogo Embossed Menu Card Holder: Elevate your brand presentation with personalized detailing.
Menu Board with Binder and Leather Cover: Combines functionality and elegance for a sophisticated menu presentation.Embossed Leather Menu Cover: Adds a refined touch to your restaurant's menus.
Elevate your dining experience with our hard cover menu holder, featuring a sleek binder for secure display. Impress patrons with our restaurant menu cover, designed for a polished and sophisticated presentation.
Luxurious Leather Wine List Menu with Ring Binder, offering a stylish and organized presentation for your wine selections, elevating the dining experience with elegance and functionality.Wine List Holder with Logo Embossing, showcasing your brand identity with elegance and sophistication, ensuring your wine selection is presented with flair and distinction.

What we offer?

Wooden Menu Board with Leather Strap: Provides a rustic yet refined display option.

Leather Menu Covers with Sheets Attached by Metal Binder

We cannot call leather menu covers just accessories. They're a statement of style. Your menus will be elegantly bound in leather and securely fastened by a metal binder. Our hardcover menu folders will shield your menus from wear and tear, as well as drink or food spills. Inside pockets keep everything in order to ensure no page goes astray.

You can also put your name or logo onto the cover to meet your restaurant's specifications, such as jazzing up a cocktail menu or classifying your wine selections.

A wide range of designs allows you to match our leather menu covers with your space's interior. And if you want to buy in bulk, we have special discounts waiting just for you.

Impress guests with our menu case folder featuring custom logo embossing.

Varieties of Leather Menu Covers with Sheets Attached by Metal Binder

Here’s what we have in our exquisite assortment of Horeca accessories:

  • The basic leather menu holder with ring binder mechanism is simple at its finest. 
  • The wooden menu board with leather cover and brass binders (P04A5) combines the warmth of wood with the luxury of leather.
  • The unique texture of the wooden menu board with crazy horse leather cover and clip (P03A5) adds an element of adventure to any presentation.
  • The leather menu folder with brass ring binder and corner mountings suitable for US legal sheets is perfect for larger menus.
  • The wooden menu board with crazy horse leather cover and clip (P03A2) is made for those who dare to be different.
  • The leather menu folder with brass ring binder and corner mountings suitable for US letters is suitable for standard-sized menus.
  • Your wine list can become a story worth exploring with the basic leather wine list holder with a ring binder mechanism available in our catalog.

Each product in our collection ensures that when you choose one of our menu covers, you delight your guests and make your brand recognizable.

Materials Employed

Only the finest materials make the cut at Inkohoreca. Our leather menu covers are crafted from premium leather, chosen for its durability and beauty. The metal binder ensures your menus remain securely attached so that these covers can be the ideal organizer for any restaurant in the USA and beyond.

Why choose us?

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Choosing Inkohoreca in the USA is the premier choice, and that's why:

  • We use only genuine, high-quality materials to complement the interior of your dining space.
  • A turnaround time of just 5–7 days will help you quickly transform your presentation.
  • Our leather menu covers will deal with the rigors of daily use while maintaining their charm.
  • Our products and services are first-class all the way, at prices that respect your budget.
  • Each leather menu cover is sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • Your vision leads the way — each menu cover can be customized due to different color options.
  • Planning to revamp your entire suite of menus? Enjoy discounts of up to 30% on bulk orders.
  • Our 30-day return policy ensures that you shop with confidence. 

Choosing Inkohoreca means craftsmanship that respects both tradition and innovation. Visit our online catalog to learn more.