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"Wooden coffee and tea serving board with custom logo engravingHotel wooden tray with logo engraving for coffee and tea service
Coffee and Tea Table Tray Sale price€17,95
"Rustic decorative serving tray with personalized design, ideal for hotels, cafes, and kitchens."Handcrafted wooden serving tray, perfect for rustic decor in hotels and cafes
Personalized serving board made from rustic wood, ideal for presenting appetizers and desserts in hotels, adding a unique touch to the dining experience.Rustic wooden tray perfect for hotel room service, featuring personalized engravings that add a special touch for guests.
Personalized serving board, ideal for adding a unique touch to your dining experience with a rustic wooden design perfect for hotels and cafes.Rustic wooden tray, designed for hotel service, adding a charming and elegant presentation to room service meals and beverages.
Personalized Serving Board Sale price€21,95
Customized wood tray, perfect for personalized service in cafes and restaurants, adding a rustic charm to your dining experience.Rustic serving tray for hotels, crafted from wood, ideal for delivering a warm and welcoming presentation.
Customized Wood Tray Sale price€21,95
Wooden serving tray for cafes, personalized for a unique touch, perfect for enhancing the presentation of food and drinks.Personalized tray for restaurants, crafted from wood, adding a rustic charm to your dining service.
Wooden Serving Tray for Cafe Sale price€21,95
Rustic hotel decor featuring a customized wooden tray, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to guest rooms and common areas.Customized wooden tray designed for cafes and restaurants, ideal for stylishly serving food and beverages.
Personalized serving tray for restaurants, crafted from rustic wood, providing a unique and stylish presentation.Rustic wood coffee table tray, personalized for hotels, perfect for serving morning coffee or evening snacks.
Customized wooden serving tray with rustic charm, perfect for adding elegance to hotel room service presentations.This custom wooden serving tray is ideal for restaurant kitchens, offering a blend of functionality and rustic appeal.
Wooden Serving Tray Sale price€17,95